Our Products

Find out how much fun three little colors can be! Color My Bath tablets are designed to delight your child with fizzy action and a dazzling burst of color when added to the bathwater. Try Color My Bath! Each jar contains assorted tablets in the primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. Create amazing, brilliant baths every night!

The 300 tablet jar is a mix of 100 LARGE tablets and 200 small tablets to expand your color mixing possibilities by adding a big burst of a single color. The small tablets give you the power to ”fine-tune” your color.

Color My Bath tablets are proudly Made in America, Lab Tested, Kid Safe, and
Eco-friendly. Our products are non-staining, pH balanced, and we never add soaps or fragrances—so you can feel good about letting your child play and enjoy every fizzy, fun, colorful bath they create!