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The “Gotta Have It!” Bathtime Essential

100% Kid Safe
Fragrance Free • Soap Free • Chemical Free • Worry Free

a proven bathtime winner!

4.7 Stars from over 6,500 reviews!
Color My Bath’s fizzy, colorful fun remains the all-time favorite bathtime accessory.

Oh the fun three little colors make!

Our tablets are pure, food-grade color in the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow. These three pigments make every other color you can imagine. And, your little bathers will have fun as they learning about color mixing!

Red + Blue = Purple

Blue + Yellow = Green

Yellow + Red = Orange

New color every bathtime

Our jars are unique in the marketplace because we are the only bathtime color tablet that is packaged with multiple size tablets in the same jar.

The sunset orange you make on Tuesday with one large red tab and three small yellow and one small red tabs will be totally different from the peachy orange you make on Thursday with Two large yellow tabs and two small red tabs.

Safe and Kid Friendly

Our tablets are safety tested in the USA and Europe. We never add soap, fragrance, or unnecessary extras. Color My Bath is as safe as water, just a WHOLE lot more fun!

Made in the United States in a modern, clean facility using pharma-quality safe manufacturing practices. Our colors won’t stain your tub or fabrics.

Earth friendly too

Our new, smaller, paper-based packaging was made with the future in mind. Your child’s fun bath tonight is something you can feel good about in every way. You child is learning, having fun, getting clean—with a minimal footprint on the earth.

When you’re done with the tablets, wipe out the tube and use it as a pencil holder or re-purpose in another way.

All-time kid favorite!

Year after year, Color My Bath is the most requested bathtime accessory

For over 10 years, Color My Bath has consistently been the most sought after, most kid-requested, most loved addition to bathtime. But, don’t take our word for it, listen to our faithful fans . . .

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

My daughter LOVES these bath coloring tablets! I was wary of whether they would color the tub, towels, child, floor, walls, etc. But have no fear! These tablets somehow make the water look so colorful but maintain almost no color in the water to actually stain anything.

Really clever idea, I pop a couple of these into the bath when the little ones are having a bath so there are no more tears at bathtime.
They love how they can pick a colour and mix it with another to create a different colour in the water!! Highly recommended!

My child will finally get in the bath. Fantastic! The colours are really pigmented but don’t stain. This bottle has lasted for ages! I’ve got two children and they like to use a few at a time to change the colour etc but there’s still plenty left few months later. I will be buying them again. My 2 year old went through a phase of refusing to get in the bath but since getting these she happily gets in. . . . We have also used them in the paddling pool for a bit of fun.

Brighten Bathtime Everytime!

No more nightly fights to take a bath. You and your child get to create a color adventure limited only by your imaginations!

Proudly made in the USA